Step 1 of 3: About the project

Provide details on the client you worked with, its industry and the scope of the project

Agency name, address and email address
A short description (2-3 lines) summarising what the project is
Please provide the client name and title of the project or website
Please provide the project URL

Step 2 of 3: About the solution

Tell us about how you solved the project, technical details of the implementation, what you learned, and how Umbraco has a part of the solution

Outline the specific business challenges or objectives that this project needed to solve. What was not working the way it should? What was the desired outcome of the project?
Outline the project solution developed to answer the above challenges. This might include specific methodologies, processes or approach and certainly the reason that Umbraco was considered to be the best solution. What were the benefits of using Umbraco to solve your business challenge? What did Umbraco provide that other solutions did not?
Please provide results as available, KPIs reached, measures of success, benefits from changed workflows or processes, sales, visits, conversions etc
How Umbraco is used and any other specific technologies, systems, platforms, hardware, packages or plugins, specialist resources used to deliver the project (a chance to elaborate on the technical solution itself and how you have made Umbraco work for you).

Step 3 of 3: Case Collateral

Provide us with client testimonials, screenshots, videos and other media of the solution

Please provide a quote/testimonial from the key client/stakeholder relating to the work delivered, the process, the results etc
Hi-res brand + agency logo Hero/main image of the work x1 Image/screenshots of the work (no limit) Brand or relevant lifestyle type images (such as prototypes, sketches, workshops, branded images, launch events) Profile image for the client testimonial Scanned signature of project lead (if possible)
Paste direct urls to images or videos hosted on f.ex. flickr or youtube